Wednesday, 24 September 2014

When I had you...!

I am loving these last few months though there is a lot of work load! But yeah! Every thing is going good!! Planning about graduation project..stitching my own clothes..and working on a new home as well as apparel collection! There is a lot of work to do! 
So let's just hope everything goes well!
Well talking about the pictures Im wearing a stripes top with knitted skirt.  

Stripes are such a huge hit this season, can't wait to get my hands on some striped vests and pants!

Im loving this top! Its so comfortable and can be styled in so many ways.. Which ill let you know in some other post!
Till then 
Stay chic!


Late August or early September marks some high-spirited celebrations down south. People in the southern Indian coastal state of Kerala go crazy over the state festival of Onam, with ten days of feasting, boat races, song, dance and merriment.

Onam or Thiruonam originated as a joyous annual reminiscence of the golden rule of King Mahabali, a mythical king. Onam is also associated with crops, hence marking itself as the harvest festival. Someone once told me,'it rains inconsistently during the days surrounding Onam. Drizzles, as well as heavy downpour.'

But for us it was the dressing up!
We could also see the Famous Kasavu saree with each person's own individual style and some others with their own contemporary ones.

The Pookalam

The yummy food served in Kerala Sandhya

Although this festival has its origin in Hindu mythology, Onam is for all people of all class and creed. Hindus, Muslims and Christians, the wealthy and the downtrodden, all celebrate Onam with equal fervor. The secular character of Onam is peculiar to this land where unity had always coexisted with diversity, especially during festivals, when people come together to celebrate life's unlimited joys.
That was the best part of all!


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