Saturday, 21 June 2014


Hello People!
How have you been?
I'm so busy with this Internship! I m really running late with  the posts and I'm sorry for that.
So here is a quick post!

Photography: Raj kumari

From my mom's closet kantha waist coat.
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Till then 

Stay Chic

Friday, 20 June 2014


Hello People I came across a really nice store called Mart Of China . Since people have been asking me to write a post about some graphic wardrobe must haves . I thought why not doing that with items from the online store mart of china. I used to hate online shopping but since I came across this store Im kind of in love with it !

You can shop everything I'm posting bellow at Mart of China

As you all are aware for my love for the high-low dress,I am also sharing you the exquisite dress from the mart of china.

Leggings leggings leggings ! I love leggings but it's hard to find the right one , when i saw these I immediately fell in love . Those leggings are so nice when you combine them with a plain top so you don't have a lot of 'color-problems' to worry about. 

I really liked this dress also.
wholesale Modern Graffiti Design Tank Pattern A Line Dress

I think this is also a colorful must have in every girls closet. 

Don't forget to check out their website you can go there by clicking this add .

Have a nice day!

Love Disha

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